Driving impact in pharmaceutical engagement through digital and social media
strategy and senior leader reverse mentoring

Reverse Mentoring

Reverse Mentoring for pharma senior leaders

Supporting senior leaders understand & identify opportunities through digital technology, social media & innovation

Digital Strategy Consulting

Driving impact through multichannel marketing

Working with healthcare companies to implement integrated multichannel strategies for measurable results

Social media strategy

Engaging with stakeholders via social media channels

Enabling healthcare companies to engage with patients and HCPs in an engaging and compliant way

About me

International pharma digital & social media strategist

My name is Alexandra Fulford and I am a strategy consultant specialised in digital and social media in the pharmaceutical industry. I also work as a reverse mentor to senior leaders, looking at how digital technology and innovation can have impact in our industry.

Over the last twenty years I have gained considerable experience in digital and social media, working with top consultancies like McKinsey, with digital agencies such as Digitas Health, and also within the industry itself with companies such as Boehringer Ingelheim, Roche, Novartis, Merck, Novo Nordisk.

I am also a Hashimoto’s patient and am an active patient advocate for Autoimmune disease patients


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Knowing it all already

Knowing it all already

I recently ran a digital best practice training for a pharma client.  The training included a reminder on the importance of having to change behaviour and thinking, for example from a product to a customer point of view.  Whilst the overall feedback was very positive,...

The value of pub work

The value of pub work

Last week I started a new job.  It was not a job I expected to be returning to after over 20 years but these are strange times we are living in.  I use the word "job" quite loosely - paid volunteering may be a more realistic term.  I have started doing some shifts at...

Holiday from social media

Holiday from social media

I'm back, having taken time off this summer for a much needed holiday.  I then followed this with some time offline.  I did something that in the past I always said would be impossible - I took a holiday from social media.  Yes - I did not check my Twitter, Facebook,...

Twitter posts

Anyone actually working @thetravelvisa !? No response to desperate emails & impossible to get through on phone. Aged parents very stressed & upset - shocking #customerservice #fail

Millions of people are facing grief across the UK. Inspiring collaboration & discussion - @theUKCB roundtable meeting today with bereavement partners. Have you submitted evidence? Please share your stories to help us improve bereavement care and support https://bereavementcommission.org.uk/taking-part/ 💙

Following vaccination it is normal for immune cells and #antibodies to reduce over time. The immune system also includes memory B and T cells that can be activated to provide protection if a virus is later encountered. #whatsciencecando https://bit.ly/3v6846q

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