Digital Media Agencies not doing digital

Today one of my twitter chums, Andrew Spong, posted a very valid comment on twitter about digital agencies and their own use of twitter (see the image).  Essentially if as a digital agency you are not regularly using your twitter account then do not highlight your twitter account on your home page.  Very wise wordsContinue reading “Digital Media Agencies not doing digital”

Government support for silver surfers

This Friday I asked the question during the #HCSMEU tweetup of whether governments should be doing more to teach the elderly how to use technology, including social media, to help improve their care.  My inspiration behind this question was the fact that I had just set my elderly parents up on Skype so that theyContinue reading “Government support for silver surfers”

It’s not just pharma who can’t do social media

Pharma social media bashing has become quite a popular sport (including by me) – pharma companies have been notoriously slow (and generally bad) at participating in social media.  There are plenty of examples of poor use of social media and tons of articles on how badly pharma is doing in this domain.  There are plentyContinue reading “It’s not just pharma who can’t do social media”

The Light Fantastic

Last night I watched a very poignant documentary about Terry Pratchett, the author of The Light Fantastic, and assisted dying in Switzerland  ( Terry Pratchett happens to be one of my favourite authors and he is a very articulate man who also has Alzheimer’s – making this a very moving and thought provoking documentary.  ThisContinue reading “The Light Fantastic”

Mature products and digital

This morning I was reading about the approval of Mylan’s generic version of the Alzheimer’s drug Aricept – yet another reminder of the patent cliff Pharma is currently going through. One way that pharmaceutical companies try to stem the loss of revenue brought on by patent expiry is through the release of a “new andContinue reading “Mature products and digital”