Can social media cause a miracle?

Last week I wrote about the hopeless task I faced in trying to find homes for 60 Romanian rescue dogs who were about to lose their shelter.  I truly did not think we could save them.  I certainly did not think we would be able to find places for the very traumatised ones – whoContinue reading “Can social media cause a miracle?”

A ray of hope in sea of despair

In my last blog post I wrote about my absolute despair at the situation of 60 rescue dogs in a private shelter in Romania that will lose their home next week.  Finding homes for that many dogs in Romania is next to impossible.  Their fate however, if homes are not found, is almost certain deathContinue reading “A ray of hope in sea of despair”

A desperate cry for help

I generally rave about how wonderful social media is but sometimes it can also be devastating.  Yesterday I found out that 60 Romanian rescues will be essentially sent to their death on the 17th October.  I have been following the care of these dogs on Facebook and have been helping try to find them homes.Continue reading “A desperate cry for help”