About Me

International pharma digital & social media strategist

My name is Alexandra Fulford and I am a strategy consultant specialised in digital and social media in the pharmaceutical industry.  I also work as a reverse mentor to senior leaders, looking at how digital technology and innovation can have impact in our industry.

Over the last twenty years I have gained considerable experience in digital and social media, working with top consultancies like McKinsey, with digital agencies such as Digitas Health, and also within the industry itself with companies such as Boehringer Ingelheim, Roche, Novartis, Merck, Novo Nordisk, etc.

I have worked with pharmaceutical companies in developing and implementing global multichannel strategies, and supported them in driving the change necessary to compete and deliver impact in today’s digital world. Projects have included multichannel strategy development and implementation;  social media strategy, implementation and guideline development; developing and running digital and social media training programmes and workshops; developing cross-functional and global to local digital implementation processes and strategies.

I also have considerable expertise as a reverse mentor.  I have developed and led highly successful global reverse mentoring programmes, which resulted in considerable impact for those involved.  As part of this I have also personally mentored Heads of Medical, Marketing, Legal and various TA Heads.

As an autoimmune patient, and patient advocate, I am also passionate about patient advocacy and the real, life-changing impact social media has on patients.  As a leading expert in pharmaceutical use of social media I have written numerous corporate guidelines and process, run training bootcamps and mentored teams and leaders on how to use this channel compliantly to deliver genuine impact to both the organisation, HCPs and patients.  I believe to this day that this channel is still being woefully underutilised by the industry and there still remains huge opportunities to be had for the companies that embrace social media.

With a highly international background I speak fluent French, German and Spanish and basic Mandarin.  My international exposure also makes me particularly adept at working with multi-cultural teams.

In my spare time I volunteer with www.hopeforstrays.com, a charity that rescues stray cats and dogs in Romania.

If you would be interested in working with me, either on a project basis or as a reverse mentor please do not hesitate to contact me by email at pharmaguapa@hotmail.com , via Linkedin, or twitter through @pharmaguapa.  You can also see my  CV here.