Reverse Mentoring

Are you a senior executive who would like to learn more about today’s digital and social technologies?  Would you like to learn in an individualised, tailored way that fits into your schedule?  If the answer is yes then Reverse Mentoring may be for you.

What is Reverse Mentoring?

Reverse mentoring refers to an initiative in which senior executives are paired with, and mentored by, digital natives or digital experts, with the aim of bringing executives up to speed with today’s technology and trends.  A typical mentoring session may for example look at a particular topic or technology, such as social media, and start to explore functionality as well as customer and business value.

Unlike a formal generic training programme reverse mentoring is an individualised 1:1 programme that is tailored to specific needs.  Unlike training which is around a fixed period of time, reverse mentoring tends to be an ongoing process which lasts as long as needed to bring the Mentee up to speed.  Typically a programme may last between 6 – 12 months (under the assumption of hourly sessions every fortnight).

What value does Reverse Mentoring bring?

On an individual level Reverse Mentoring helps executives better understand the opportunities, and risks, of today’s technology and how customers are using these technologies.  For example through the guidance of a personal Mentor Mentees can understand how patients and HCPs are using social media, or how AI can drive value in clinical trials, and subsequently how  organisations can best use these channels in a compliant and impactful way.

On an organisation level Reverse Mentoring can help drive  change and drive improved value through better optimisation of today’s technology.

What is the Pharmaguapa Reverse Mentoring programme?

The  Pharmaguapa Reverse Mentoring programme can either provide individual executives with a personal Mentor or can work with an organisation to set up an internal reverse mentoring programme, which includes programme structure, process, Mentor training and support materials.  Besides myself I have also partnered with a number of senior digital experts who can act as personal reverse mentors to senior executives.  Sessions can be done remotely or face to face (or a mix of both) and are tailored to each individuals needs.

How can I find out more about the programme?

If you would like more information please get in touch via the form below or directly via email at