Social Media

Engaging with patients and HCPs via social media channels

10 years of experience in pharmaceutical social media makes gives me an unparalleled level of expertise in this field. As a recognised industry expert and influencer in social media I have worked with many pharmaceutical and medical device companies providing support and advisory services.  Over the years I have faced and resolved many of the common issues (and myths) of engaging with patients and HCPs via social media within healthcare.  My own personal experience as an autoimmune patient advocate on social media also brings a nuance to my work that few other traditional consultants can bring.

In short yes you can engage in two-way conversations with patients, no social media is not full of adverse events, yes you can reach those rare disease patients and yes you can promote to HCPs.  More importantly your stakeholders, be they patient or HCP, increasingly expect you to be present and they expect you to understand how to engage via this channel.

As to social media listening – there are very few instances where this would not add value to a brand – but it needs to be done well and you need to understand how to action the insights.

Examples of work include:

  • Social media SOPs, guidelines and approval process
  • Social media training curricula and workshops
  • Disease awareness and patient campaigns
  • HCP engagement and promotion
  • Social media listening
  • Influencer identification and programme development
  • Rare disease patient identification and engagement
  • Senior leader mentoring around social media

If you would like to know how to meet your stakeholders expectations, engage compliantly and drive impact using social media please get in contact