In June my long-term contract with Boehringer Ingelheim comes to an end so I have started actively looking for a new role.  In case you are not aware job hunting really sucks!  One of the main reasons for this, IMHO, is the incredibly painful online systems most companies now use.

To give you a more specific example – I have been trying to apply for a digital role with a certain top pharma through their careers portal … for the last hour but to no avail.  The first pain point was trying to set up an account.  I always try to use my pharmaguapa email for job applications but apparently the system did not like this email and kept telling me an account already existed, but when I tried to reset the password I was told no account existed with that email account afterall. After multiple attempts I gave in and used my private email to create an account.

Next up came what should be straightforward – actually applying to the role.  At first glance I was hopeful as the system looks better than some of the others I have used.  However looks can be deceiving and now 1 hour later I have still not managed to get the system to upload my CV and let me move onto the next section.

Sadly I have had this experience all too often.  With today’s technology and understanding of User Experience filling in an online job application really should be very easy and straightforward, and yet it remains painful.

I will of course persevere – and in doing so I am aware that if I ever need to apply to this company in the future I will no doubt have to go through the same painful experience – starting with issues logging in (I will almost certainly forget that I had to use a different email address than normal).

Of course if you know of any suitable positions (ideally that does not involve a painful online application!) please do let me know – the sooner I find that new opportunity the sooner I can stop putting myself through this painful process!  You can find a copy of my CV here.


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