Desperate times We are currently going through some desperate times.  In fact it is apparently so bad here that my cat Don has resorted to drinking from the toilet!

Joking aside we are indeed going through some difficult times, especially if you are someone with a preexisting condition or food allergies.  Besides the obvious worry of catching COVID19 if you already have issues the state of food supply has also caused considerable worry.  While there has been plenty in the news about empty shelves and toilet paper stockpiling (why?!) there has been less mention of what this means to people with restricted diets.

I have previously mentioned that I am on the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Diet which is very restrictive.  Being on this diet however means I no longer have issues with fatigue or brain fog which is fantastic.  However this does mean for breakfast and carbs I have little choice.  My breakfast staple is bacon and eggs although I do very, very occasionally treat myself to gluten free bread.  Instead of potatoes I use sweet potatoes.

It was then with considerable concern that I was shocked to find no bacon (or even sausages) or sweet potatoes on my last trip to Tescos.  My final order from Waitrose also arrived without these items!  In fact my Waitrose order arrived with half the order missing including the toilet paper, gin, and Yorkshire Gold tea.  What also made me pensive was that every gluten free item I had ordered was missing.  Following on from the Tescos surprise I had decided to get some gluten free items in as a last resort. 

At a time when it is so important for autoimmune patients to stay healthy and flare up free the thought of not having access to the right food to do this is very scary.  The option of returning in person to a large supermarket also really worries me  as I live with my elderly parents who are both at higher risk.  As to online orders – currently none of our local supermarkets have delivery slots available.

Fortunately I currently live with my parents in a village with a well stocked village shop and have access to fresh eggs from a neighbour.  Otherwise I would really have struggled to eat healthily and in line with my restricted diet.  My parents are also incredibly grateful that I am here to be able to care for them but also help them with online things.  Whilst we can’t get things from supermarkets, Chase Distillery (highly recommend their rhubarb vodka!), Amazon and the gardening suppliers are still delivering.  Zoom is also being explored to replace their social gatherings locally.

They are also incredibly grateful that my cats are here too.  Like many people in these worrying times animals provide a real source of comfort and happiness.  Simple pleasures like supervising the cats while they do their tour of the garden are not to be underestimated.  Besides eating healthily keeping the spirits up is also incredibly important during these times.  That is exactly what Don and Ninja do.   In fact my hope is that after this is over more people will see the benefits of having a pet at home, and go out and adopt one from one of many shelters currently in dire straights as a result of plummeting donations and adoptions.  

And with that I will leave you with another photo of Don to raise your spirits.  I hope you all stay safe and healthy – and if you can donate to a charity too!


Don being very British and enjoying the Garden


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