I’m back, having taken time off this summer for a much needed holiday.  I then followed this with some time offline.  I did something that in the past I always said would be impossible – I took a holiday from social media.  Yes – I did not check my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn for a couple of weeks – and the world did not end.

So what did I miss?  Well first off quite a few messages on LinkedIn (apologies!).  Life really has shifted from “traditional” channels, like email, to social media.  Back in the day taking time off meant coming back to a huge email inbox, but not a mass of InMails.  Unlike email however there is no “out of office” option for LinkedIn.  So whilst people who emailed me where aware that I was off on a diving holiday, not so with LinkedIn.   Now I have to send a whole load of “apologies I missed your message” mails.  Or perhaps I just send them the link to this post.

OOO message

My OOO message


What else did I miss?  Well apparently the Boston Dynamics robots are at it again.  Just over six months ago we had the joy of robots dancing.  Now they are trying their hand at parkour.  Another cool bit of innovation that was doing the rounds on social media was SenseGlove’s VR haptic gloves. This bit of tech enables VR users to actually feel items in the VR world – just like in the real world.  All pretty awesome stuff.

There have of course been all sorts of innovation and healthcare news stories doing the rounds.  There is new app, using AI technology, going through trials to help speed up Alzheimer’s diagnosis. In terms of health apps the market is flooded with them – some good and some bad.  According to eMarketer there are currently over 350,000 health apps out there.

In fact in terms of missing things on social media there is also plenty of social media updates too.There is yet another Clubhouse clone that hit the market, this one by Spotify in the form of their Greenroom.   Twitter apparently changed its font.  I must admit I have not noticed anything – but then I have been away for some time!

All in all then there has been plenty going on.  Yet at the same time it looks like very little has changed.  I do not feel like I missed out much, with one exception.  It turns out I missed #BlackCatAppreciation day!  As the owner of two black cats (and one stray black cat who I now feed) this is big!  So here is my belated participation – a photo of my little darlings.

black cats

Other than missing news and an important feline day, the biggest impact has been on my analytics.  Not surprisingly everything has gone down, including my followers.  This to me really highlights that social media needs regular “feeding”.  Whilst I feel great having had a holiday from social media now I have the slog of getting things back up and active.

Twitter analytics


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