Saving dogs has Klout

A happy Tarzan in his rescue kennels in the UK

A happy Tarzan in his rescue kennels in the UK

As you will have seen my last few blogs were about a rescue mission to save 60 dogs in Romanian who were losing their shelter and faced death on the streets as a result.  I have been working flat out on this on Facebook and consequently have had not time for blogging and very little time for Twitter.  The whole rescue action was run and organised through a Facebook group “Help Save Anca Florea’s Dogs After Shelter Destroyed”. I was on there daily, doing some posting and sharing but mainly working in the background through PMs helping organise the rescue.

The first amazing success was that we actually managed in a month to save all 60 dogs and all but 6 are now safe in the UK or Germany (the final 6 are due to come to the UK in a few weeks).  Through Facebook we found homes and funds to rescue these dogs (around £200-£250 per dog).  I never in my wildest dreams thought we would do it and I am so incredibly proud to have played a part in this amazing rescue mission.

The second amazing thing though is the impact it has had on my Klout.  I had started to get close to dropping below 60 and had been working hard at Tweeting and Facebooking daily to try to keep my score up.  It was tough work and I barely scrapped over 61.  Now I have a Klout score over 64.  Wow – Klout clearly approves of my dog rescuing work!

It does raise an interesting point about Klout for me. Hard as I had tried to be relevant with my posts around my area of specialisation (pharma and digital / social media) through Twitter it turns out that the real klout is to be had with the animal lovers on Facebook.   Clearly by being uber active on Facebook with this group I have had far more impact online than in pharma.  I am happy with this though as this actually reflects the offline impact.  Much as I would like to have an impact in the pharma social media offline world (e.g. get more consulting projects) it really does not compare to the impact of saving 60 dogs lives. There is something incredibly humbling and at the same time incredibly empowering about saving this many innocent lives.  It puts the rest of what I do in perspective.  It was far harder work than trying to up my Klout score but so very much more worthwhile.

Little Dodo happy in his new foster home

Little Dodo happy in his new foster home

3 legged Matteo now in a rescue kennel safe

3 legged Matteo now in a rescue kennel safe

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