If you read my New Year’s resolution blog you may recall I mentioned wanting to do more content.  I also mentioned I would develop a content plan.  Well the time has come.  I have come up with an idea for my content plan and it involves unicorns!  To be fair the unicorn, and the content calendar, are courtesy of mobile monkey. 


content plan

To develop my content plan I started by thinking about the key topics I could blog about.  I looked at my subject area and speciality, and the list I came up with included:

  • Social media
  • Social listening and insights
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Immersive tech & innovation
  • Patient advocacy
  • Rare disease
  • Digital best practice
  • Marketing process and best practice
  • Leadership and mentoring

However I wanted something a bit more inspiring to base my content plan on.  I wanted something a bit different than more of the same – just put together in plan format.  This is when I started to google “content plan examples”.  As always Google did not disappoint!  One of the results was a post by Mobile Monkey about content planning.  I actually came across it because of the infographic, as opposed to the post itself.  On a side note this just shows how important images are.

The article went on to talk about how to build your content plan.  It listed some great tips including doing some research, identifying key dates, understanding you target audience and doing an audit of existing content.  These are great tips and in fact these are the sort of tips I would give my clients.  The trouble is I have limited time and resources to do research.  I could absolutely identify some of the key events – SXSW springs to mind for starters.  I do understand my audience but could do better in understanding what they are googling for example.  The audit of existing content is something I have been meaning to do for ages and being honest it is still not top of my list.

My other issue is that I was meant to have done all of this in January!  Contrary to my expectations January turned into a mega busy month.  So here I am at the start of February no closer to having a content plan.  What I did suddenly have though was an idea and some inspiration.  Thanks to Mobile Monkey’s fabulous infographic I decided to use it to inspire my own content plan.

So taking their suggestions here is my content plan:

  • Discount or Promotion 
  • Ask A Question To Your Audience
  • Inspirational Quote
  • Share What You Are Reading
  • Share A Tip Or Trick
  • A Day In The Life Post
  • Testimonial Quote
  • Answer A Customer’s Question
  • Highlight A New Product or Service
  • Infographic
  • Long Post or Story
  • Share A Free Resource
  • Contest or Giveaway
  • Breaking News
  • Beyond The Scenes Photo
  • Take A Poll
  • Highlight A Biz-Friend’s Page
  • Quick Video Training
  • Fun Fact
  • Industry Article
  • Comic or Meme
  • Share an Eye-catching Photo
  • Highlight Post
  • Share an Interesting Statistics
  • This or That Question To Get Followers Input
  • Recommend A Helpful Tool
  • Weekly Round-Up Interesting Articles
  • Share A Fam Photo
  • An ICYM (In Case You Missed It) Post To An Old Blog Post
  • Product Pics
  • Thank Your Fans


I think this will be an interesting challenge to see how I can write a post on each of the above.  I will try to write a post a week and try to stay true to the content plan.  To add further interest I might see how I can include the odd unicorn in some posts too!  And whilst a true content plan should have dates, for the time being a list, and the promise of unicorns, will have to do.

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