The first post in my new content plan is meant to be about a discount or promotion.  Initially I thought of doing a promo piece on myself and the services I offer.  Then I thought about doing a piece around using promotion in social media – from banner ads through to promoted posts through to InMail.

However when I saw this Tweet from Vodafone I just had to write about it!  What a brilliant piece of organic and agile promotion.  It is not only clever but also well done for a number of reasons.


This is a great example of a company being agile and reacting quickly.  This piece of content was put together the day the video started trending.  This indicates a company that is actively listening and watching social media for opportunities.  It also shows a social media team and process agile enough to put together content same day.

On trend

Linked to agility is also the use of a trending topic.  This video is all over the internet at the moment and Vodafone seized the opportunity to jump on the bandwagon.  This has pros and cons.  There is the potential to surf the wave of a trending topic and get much higher impact and engagement.  However there is also the danger of being lost in all the noise.  Given the cost of putting this tweet together though its worth trying.

Also worth flagging is the use of an Emoji.  As per Convosphere’s interesting post, Emojis use in marketing is also on the rise.  Vodafone is also on trend here.  Personally I love the touch of using the cat Emoji for this!


Humour is a very powerful tool and if often underutilised by companies.  Whilst this tweet is a promotion by using humour it feels more engaging and human.  Nobody particularly likes promotion but the light hearted approach makes Vodafone seem more approachable.  I know if I was looking for this type of service I would be inclined to contact Vodafone.


I sometimes get push back on all of the above from pharma clients.  “We can’t do that in pharma”.  There is a misconception that pharma companies can’t be agile, on trend or use humour because of regulatory environment.  This is not true.  Being agile is about internal process and has nothing to do with regulation.  There are plenty of pharma companies managing to post same day content so it is very doable.  Being on trend or using humour can be done as long as it is appropriate.

So well done Vodafone for a nifty and agile promotion.  And if you missed the amazing video that sparked all of this then here you go!  If you are interested in what I do then you can find more information here.


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