Next up on my content plan is a post to share what I am reading right now.  I thought as part of this it would be helpful to share some of my favourite online resources around digital and social media marketing in the healthcare industry.  If you are interested though I’ll also share what I’m actually read in book format at the end too!

Online resources

Medical Futurist

The Medical Futurist is run by Dr. Bertalan Mesko, aka @berci, a medical futurist, online influencer and the author of The Guide to the Future of Medicine, featured in Amazon’s top 100 books.   It features a wealth of fascinating articles on health tech written by a physician.  Dr Mesko, for example, shares his experience in testing medical and health tech such as Withings’ BPM Core.  There are also articles on how digital and innovative technology can help improve healthcare.

medical futurist reading list



Pharmaphroum is a great news resource.  It provides latest industry news, including around digital and digital innovation.  Pharmaphorum also produces Deep Dives on a range of topics, often with a focus on patients or innovation.  These are great pieces of insight and well written by industry experts.

Mobile Health News

As the name suggests this resource covers all things Mobile Health.  It covers business, innovation and approvals. What I particularly like is that it is not overly US focused like some news providers in this field.  In fact you have the option of selecting from three editions – Global, EMEA or APAC.


As well as being a social media dashboard, Hootsuite also has a useful resource centre.  It has a range of case studies but also some great “how to guides”.  If you are looking to up your game in social media marketing this is a great resource.  I have found it a very useful resource for inspiration when I develop my social media training sessions or if I need to learn something new, e.g. about TikTok.


We are Social

We are Social is an agency that produces an annual social media report with Hootsuite.  This is one of my go-to resources for internet and social media statistics.  It is truly global with data from over 40 countries including Belgium, New Zealand, Kenya and Vietnam.  The annual report provides an overview of internet and mobile usage, social media and apps.  The type of data includes global top apps, top websites and social media statistics.


Of course I am also going to advocate for you to add my own blog to your reading list!  I am trying to write regularly on digital and social media in healthcare, as well as sharing my own insights as a Hashimoto’s patient. If there is something in particular you would like me to cover just get in touch and I will try to write a blog on it.

Physical books

Part of me feels I should start reading some leading business book to give me something “appropriate” to write about. The fact is I have not read a physical business book for years but prefer to read articles online.  I do however still enjoy reading physical books and I love having a library of physical books.  Spending my entire day in front of the screen  I am not a fan of kindles.

When I read books I want distraction and I want to switch off.  I also read to keep my languages alive and rarely read in English.  So what am I reading right now?  In German there is Lee Child’s “Zeit der Rache” and in French Ken Follett’s “Peur Blanche”.  The first is part of the Jack Reacher series, which I always find great fun to read.  The Peur Blanche is my first Ken Follett and so far so good – but I think I prefer Lee Child.  How about you?  Are you a physical book reader?

The internet is just full of fascinating and useful online resources.  However at the end of the day I think we all spend far too much time in front of screens, especially in the evenings.  There is a great deal to be said about switching off the screen and reading a book in bed before you go to sleep.  In fact it is well documented that staying glued to our screens before bed time can have a detrimental impact on sleep.  So have a look at my links during the day, but in the evening switch it all off and settle down with a good book!


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