Last year I spent quite a bit of effort in setting up my first pharmaguapa website.  I built the site myself using Moonfruit and was very proud of the result.  I wrote quite a few posts – some of which I was told were really interesting.  Then as so often happens work took over my life and, along with my social life, my blog became a casualty of my excessive work hours.  And so my website lay dormant until the project I was working on calmed down and I started to have free time again.  I had also not been overly active on the blog as I had not build it using a blogging platform such as WordPress but rather had built a website which turned out to look better visually but was more work to edit.


With my new found time I decided to resurrect my blog and I set up a WordPress account.  However my idea of pre-populating this with the content from my old blog failed miserably.  First my original website had expired and somehow I had not been aware of this.  I had not been notified by email that my Moonfruit account was about to expire – or if I had it had gone into my junk folder.  I had also not been aware that if I let my premium account lapse that I would lose all the content (the basic website was free).  However I had not been overly worried by this as I had it all on my laptop anyway.  Until I spilt a glass of wine over the laptop that is.  I lost all of my old blog notes (along with various work files) – doh!


The doubly stupid thing is I am always raving about Dropbox and what a great resource it is – precisely because it acts as a great backup in case of wine spillage (or other technical images).  However I did not save my blog notes on Dropbox – doh again!


So here I am starting afresh – and lesson learnt: save everything to Dropbox or some other backup.

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