Something new is coming

I have now been writing this blog for many years and during that time I have not updated or re-branded this website. This was partially because for many years it served its purpose as was – somewhere to host my blog posts – but recently that has been changing.

The other thing is that the template I was using has not kept up with the times either. It turned out it was no longer mobile optimised for starters! As someone who advises people on best practice for their websites this is not a good example to lead by.

So I took the decision to upgrade my account and get some support from WordPress, which is what I did this morning. I had a very useful chat with a customer support lady who listened to me as I explained my needs and desires for this website. In the remaining time she then proceeded to help change themes to a more modern one.

One of the issues however, that I did not think through, was that this will require quite some work on my end to actually make this website work and look good in this new (mobile optimised!) template … and right now that is not something I have! Sod’s law I have some big client deliverables next week and then I am off for my birthday so the timing is really bad. I had not actually realised that the call would result in her getting me started with the changes – but I did not want to say no to that type of support so I went ahead.

Therefore I have to ask you to bear with me for the next couple of weeks as I try to find time to finish my revamp of this website. For the time being it will be quite empty (and white!) and lacking some of the functionalities I hope to include. The content remains the same though so please continue to enjoy that.

Sit back and relax – things will look much better soon!

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